L.A.C.E. Leadership, Athletics, Community, Education..



There were two means by which we sought to encourage student leadership. Firstly, students participated in two Diversity Center workshops on bullying prevention and building empathy for others. Secondly, students are key components of all community activities, fundraising events, and development of the L.A.C.E. program. All participants are also committed to come back as volunteers once they graduate. 



The past year has been filled with countless basketball leagues in association with the B.A.G.S. Youth Program. The upcoming year, through an 8-week Healthy Eating Seminar, and three workshops that pertain to self-esteem and positive body image workshops, our students will receive a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.  



The past year brought multiple opportunities for community service. L.A.C.E. coordinators assisted with the Hispanic Coalition’s three major holiday functions: Children’s Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Feast and Three Kings Day event. The students not only attended the Relay for Life event, but they also joined in on Earth Day to clean up and plant trees at the South End. For Mother’s Day, students planted flower pots for the elderly citizens in the Hispanic Coalition’s Senior Program. Just last May, students attended the Multicultural Parade and Gathering in Waterbury, engaging in their community and learning about the various heritages that exist in their own community.



The program sought to promote educational values via three components: tutoring, mentoring and workshops. With one-on –one tutoring sessions with college volunteers, our primary focus was on helping to improve the student’s academic reports. The majority of afterschool hours concentrated on projects, homework, studying for upcoming quizzes and tests. It was necessary during all sessions for students to establish effective studying habits that would improve their ability to absorb and understand academic materials, thus, tutors were encouraged to explore various methods of study technique.


​For information on our L.A.C.E. Youth Program, please contact our Youth Program Director, Natalie Rosado at 203-754-6172  or email at nrosado@thehispaniccoalition.org