It is well known that the important work done by volunteers makes a world of a difference for a non-profit agency. Join our grand agency and welcome the challenge and chance to do something unique when it comes to making a difference.


Join us, volunteer and help the Hispanic Coalition continue as a succesfull non-profit agency.

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Research has proven that caring tutors and mentor working with children of all ages, have the power to launch kids academic achievement and place young people on track for a promising future. Here at the Hispanic Coalition, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Contribute by becoming a Tutor or Mentor to a deserving young child. 

Board participation is widely recognized as a critical ingredient in a non-profit organization’s ability to achieve its mission. Join us and become part of an agency which focuses on delivering the best services while making all our client feel like they are part of our family. 


Become part of our family as a dedicated member of the Board of Directors today.


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