Mission Statement


The Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury, Inc. shall provide needed services as identified by our community. Services shall be provided through advocacy, collaboration, and education.


Our goal is to foster the creation of successful individuals by enhancing the quality of life of our Hispanic Families and the diverse population in the City of Waterbury, CT.


Board of Directors

Maritza Acosta, Dept of Children & Families


Atty David N. Feliu, Feliu Law Firm


Anthony Miranda, Waterbury Hospital


Yarixa Lopez, Waterbury Hospital


Gisele Booker

Suhail Castro, Safe Haven

Anthony Gay, Dept of Children & Families

Iris Gonzalez, Haydon Kerk Pittman

Seth Duke, O&G Industries

Adela Jorge-Nelson, Wtby Public Schools

David M. Perry, Wells Fargo


Our Administration

Victor Lopez Jr., Executive Director




Lenytza Rodriguez, Executive Assistant to the Director


Natalie Rosado-Torres, Director of Operations




Lisa Ortega, DDS Program Director






Wanda Vargas, DDS Program Coordinator




Maria Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant



Mirilyn Oliveras, La Casa Bienvenida Adult Day Center Director


Luis Caraballo, Transportation Manager



Madelyn Reyes, Case Manager 



Monique Quintana, Director of Community Engagement  


Mariangeles Oyanadel, Arts & Crafts Instructor

Santos Reyes, Care Assistant

Tomas Olivo-Valentin, RIBA Aspira Program Director


Jordan Gaston, Career Navigator


Judith Baez, CT Institute for Refugees & Immigrants

233 Mill Street, 3rd Floor Waterbury, CT 06706




Agency Description

The Hispanic Coalition of Greater Waterbury, Inc. has been in existence since 1988. The Coalition has over two decades of social services experience in the greater Waterbury area and is a principal leader for bilingual services, advocacy, collaboration, education, and policy development in the Latino community.


The Hispanic Coalition Developmental Support Services are designed to address the mental health needs of Latino children in the greater Waterbury area as well as an advocate for the provision of bicultural/bilingual mental health services.


Through its mission-focused programs and the dedication of the Board and staff, the Coalition has expanded its scope and services. The Coalition currently provides a number of services to the Greater Waterbury community.


The services include and not limited to: Case Management, Immigration proceedings, youth development, adult day center, cultural enrichment programs, advocacy, referral  services and, translation of vital documents, social and educational services for families and family support for our diverse community at large.